Your hair and makeup trial questions answered…

There are so many decisions to be made when planning your wedding, it can be a little overwhelming. So here are some questions you may have regarding hair and makeup trials to help your decision making a little easier…
Do I really need a makeup trial?
I get asked this so often.
If you are someone that really isn’t bothered by what your hair or makeup looks like on the day,  then the answer is no! But I’m guessing you probably are. You want to feel the most beautiful and confident version of you, right?
In that case, your trial is incredibly important. Would you order your wedding dress and not try it on until the big day and just hope for the best? Definitely not! Your hair and makeup trial is the opportunity to show your hair and/or makeup artist what your vision is for your special day. Your artist can then create this style for you and there is time to make all the necessary tweaks and changes required to get it just right for you.
Believe me, there will not be time for this on your wedding morning, and it’s not a stress you want or need either. Your artist at your trial will help to bring your vision to life. With their experience and skill, they will know what will and won’t suit you so can help create your vision in the best possible way and help enhance your features.
Trialling your hair and makeup will give you the opportunity to see how it all holds up and take photographs too (your own selfies). Hair and makeup create the finished bridal look and all eyes are going to be on you, not just your dress.
Your makeup trial is the perfect time to get to know your hair and makeup artist and build a great relationship, and so often a lasting one. Getting to know a bride before her wedding day is another great way to know what makeup will suit her style and personality. Not to mention having a friendly face you know doing your hair and makeup, makes all the difference on the day.
As a hair and makeup artist a huge part of what I offer, is also that calm time you need before you walk down that aisle.
What can I expect from a hair and makeup trial?
I personally provide my brides with a Pinterest board with some inspiration and encourage them to pin all their fave pics so I can get an idea of what styles and looks they like. This is also a great way to understand someones version of ‘natural’ or ‘glam’ as we all interpret this differently. What is natural for one bride will feel like full glam for another.
A pre-trial questionnaire also helps us prepare for your time with me, so I am fully armed with your wants and needs. If you don’t know at this point what it is you want, this will give you the perfect opportunity to begin thinking about it. Don’t worry though, we will work together on creating the right look for you.
At your trial you are welcomed into my beautiful Luxe Studio with a glass of complimentary Prosecco for you and a guest. I encourage you to bring along someone who knows you well. It’s great to have their opinion on your hair and makeup because they know if that’s ‘you’ or not. But, remember it is your big day and what you want is what you get, so don’t let someone else’s views cloud your vision.
We go through a detailed consultation so I can learn all about your wedding plans. It’s so exciting to hear all about my brides vision for their big day and allow me to come up with the ideal look for her. I take into consideration everything from the venue, flowers, colour scheme, dress style and shape to your own personal face shape, skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and length etc.
After getting to know all this information and more and your expectations and vision, I get to work on creating the perfect makeup and/or hairstyle just for you.
I will spend time prepping your skin and hair with luxury products suited to your skin and hair needs. This is vital in the process of creating a flawless and long lasting finish. I will add some accessories such as a veil or any accessories you have with you so you can see the look come together.
Coming to your hair and makeup trial wearing something of a similar colour and neckline as your dress will help you to visualise your finished look and really starts to build that excitement!
If you plan to have a spray tan before the wedding it is a good idea to have one before your trial too so you can see how it will all look with your makeup. Ideally have this 1-2 days before the trial so the guide colour has been washed off.
It’s also a good idea to have your eyebrows done (whatever that may be…threaded, waxed, HD’d, laminated etc) to help with that finished look. Attending your makeup trial in your everyday makeup is helpful to see your usual personal makeup look.
You’ll be sent home with aftercare advice on how to look after your skin and/or hair to have it in the best tip top condition in preparation for the wedding day, so your hair looks nourished and glossy and your skin smooth and bright.
With my skincare expertise I can also help advise on and offer facial treatments that may be beneficial to you. I encourage you at all times to be honest about whether you like something or not. It’s so important that you are 100% happy with the result so you feel the most beautiful version of you!
I hope this blog helps you prepare for your wedding makeup trial and see why it’s such an important part of your wedding preparations.